Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Wee Adventure: An O'Poem

Gather round, lasses and lads and you'll get a tellin'
of a tale of three idiots roaming around Dublin...

Though Jeff searched high and low to see his princes fair...

...the Grimes twins, Jedward, weren't anywhere.

This morning the trio tried--Keith, Bookie and Jeff... continue their search, which so far is F'd

Upon leaving their lodging, Jeff was glad to see
A guy wearing this shirt at his stag party...

As Jeff snapped a photo, the man's friends shouted
for him to pose properly, but the lad simply pouted.

Seemingly closer, they kept trying to see 'em....
and on their way they found a Leprechaun Museum.

And so the lads explored this great vault...

..which had an amazing assortment fun to exalt!

With skin of fair and awesome hair...

...our tiny guide Melissa took us through there.

A room that showed guests what it's like to be small...

was clearly our favorite one of them all...

The lass told tales of Leprechauns and Fairies
But surprisingly she didn't mention us Mary's.

At the end of the tour, we were each given a task:
Draw a picture with crayons is what they had asked.

With gusto and grace we started in...

...and Bookie finished first with pep and vim.

Keith was next with a picture inspired... my own frowny tattoo, which I admired...

But my creation took a path that truly was bold
cuz in my mind, there is no pot of gold...

I opted to draw something else insteadward
For at the end of my rainbow... surely Jedward.

Our lass Melissa: "It's Jedward," she cried!

As she hung up our creations in the museum with pride!

At the end of the tour we loved her and her hair...

...and we can't recommend enough that you go to there.


  1. O'Jeff you are truly a bard amongst.. umm... something. I love your poem.. It must be frustrating being in the land of Jedward not to glimpse them.. yet


  3. LOVE IT! So much, in fact, that we've posted a link to it on our facebook page! []