Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After sitting in the middle of nowhere for a few hours the conductor told us that the last coach had a brake problem and by brake problem I mean broken, so they decided to drop the last coach and move everyone into our coach, yippee, F!!

But the Heavens blessed us with Christine...

She might have been a little bananas and amazing. She was very excited to meet us and she couldn't wait to email her friends to say that she had been kidnapped by three gorgeous Americans. Aww Christine!

Adam also loved her because she knew a lot about food...

We talked with Christine for a few hours about everything from what we do for work, to really stinky cheeses and even a little making fun of the drunk old ladies behind us who were really dumb.

Yes basically she is an actual Golden Girl, brilliant! She even had a mini breakdown when she thought the conductor was going to walk off the back of the train, since the last coach was now missing...

Hilarious! The conductor then came on and said if we wanted to go to Glasgow we have to get off at the next stop, Perth. Boo! So we said bye to Christine, who laughed at Adam when she saw his giant suitcase, aww Christine we will miss you!

Perth station is in the middle of nowhere...

Hi this is NYOT Glasgow! And it was freezing and pouring rain...

We just hopped on another train that is allegedly going to Glasgow but I won't believe it until we are actually there. Euro Blam!

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Location:Still Not Glasgow, Scotland


  1. I hope you gave Christine the URL for this blog!

  2. for the record, Christine is NYOT the new JRU. she is NYOT allowed. okgood.