Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Loch Mess

After passing out on a plane and a train, Keith wrangled Bookie and I to the Loch Ness Boat Tour in order to search for Nessie.

While we were looking, the views were fantastic.

They were made doubly so by the fact that they served Nessie Beer on the boat.  The crew assured us that downing the brew would help us lure Nessie out. 

And while we enjoyed the brews and the views...

...we discovered, to our horror, that the crew was right.  Turns out Nessie is kind of a bitch.

Tragedy at the Loch!

As she set her sights on me, Keith had his own set of problems.    


Of course, so did Bookie...

Twin Nessward!

With all the looming danger, we hopped off the boat to Urquhart Castle to seek asylum in the fourteen-hundred-plus year old manor…

…which, for the record, was ruined WAY before we got there.  We just maybe wrecked it a little more.

But the place was beautiful...

...almost like being in a fairy tail....

MacRapunzel, MacRapunzel!  Let down your MacHair!

And now I'm in MaComedyJail.

And Bookie lived happily ever after.




  1. Jeff..... no. step away from the Photoshop.

  2. "nessie + the nellies" is a movie that I would you need to go make that happen.