Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time To Eat...Again.

I figured one of the main things we’d be doing on this trip is eating.  So before the trip, I DVR’d a few shows on the Food Network that featured where we’d be going to get some ideas for places to go eat.
It just so happens that a couple months before the trip, there was a special on Ireland hosted by Bobby Flay, and one of the places he went was this fish & chips take away in Dublin called Leo Burdock Fish and Chips, known as THE place to go in Dublin for fish and chips.  So of course I wrote it down as one of the places we’d have to check out when here.
After waking up late (after a night of drinking, drinking and more drinking) we finally headed out of the hotel and made our way over to Leo Burdock.  

One great thing (among many) about Dublin is it’s completely a walking city.  You can walk everywhere.  It reminds me a lot of Philly with the type of buildings, street fairs and bars/pubs all over.  Although minus the loud yelling people (but we do have Jeff for that) on the streets and Wawa’s on every corner.
We walked along the River Liffy, which runs through Dublin and finally got there.
 The place is only a take away so we all ordered the cod and chips, their most popular menu item, which they sprinkled with salt and vinegar, wrapped it up in paper, and we made our way across the street to Christchurch Cathedral and picnicked on the lawn with our fish and chips. 

After eating, we headed over to an outdoor market we saw along the way.  They had everything from jewelry to artwork and of course food including olives, Irish cheeses, fresh fruits/veggies and tons more (why does it always seem to be about food??).

 And burp!


  1. O'Really? its all about food is it? I O'really think you need to O'read back for a bit.. and after all that you didn't even say if the Fish n Chips was any good

  2. something is very fishy about this post.

  3. I LOVE LEO BURDOCKS!!! And now I want some.