Thursday, June 9, 2011

Noodles and No More Drinking!

As Jeff already stated, and should be perfectly apparent to anyone who has been reading this blog, we were definitely slow moving today and filled with extra stupidity and probably still booze.

So it comes with no surprise that we got in a taxi in London that was also slow moving because of a massive traffic jam and also filled with extra stupidity, awesomeness and probably a little booze too...

Our driver was basically Ozzy Osbourne, right down to the long hair, bandana and John Lennon glasses. He was fantastic! I kept waiting for him to scream SHARRON!!!!!!

He was playing old school rock music the whole time, and I kid you not, every time the car stopped he got out drumsticks to practice on the steering wheel, amazing!!

We kept trying to do a sneak attack picture, but we couldn't get the drumsticks, F!

After close to an hour due to the traffic and our drivers drum solo we arrived back in Trafalgar Square to the same hotel that we started this crazy adventure at. I thought it would be poetic or something. Meh, I have no idea, I'm still filled with booze, don't question me!

We dropped off our bags in our room, and they must have made a mistake because they gave us a Suite with a kitchen in it, which clearly means we are going to burn down this hotel at some point, thats a shame for them!

Next we headed out to Covent Garden, you know that shopping area about 3 blocks from our hotel which Jeff and Adam thought was on the other side of London...

It is a big outdoor market area with tons of shops, restaurants and little stalls selling all sorts of useless crap. It's super cute and we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants in London, Wagamama! It's an Udon and Noodle place...

Its also in the basement which is kind of amazing. I figured noodles would help soak up any residual Scotland we still had coursing through our veins and livers...

Mmmm Jeff got the Udon noodle bowl which ironically was the same size as the Jaegerbombs we had last night, weird...

Bookie and I got Soba noodle plates...

Sooo yum!

And it definitely helped with the booziness. Now we are off to some crazy ice cream place just up the road that Jeff found on the Internet. I'm sure it will be filled with equal parts craziness and deliciousness.

As long as it is not filled with booziness, I'm in!

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Location:London, England


  1. Hi all of the Ruanes are superjealous that you got to go to Wagamamas. Best. Noodles. Ever!