Friday, June 10, 2011

Dungeon Calling

After our lovely tour of the Tower Bridge and its ensuing areas, we trekked over to this place:

As I was researching places to go, this thing had a "hit or miss" factor that was sort of bugging me.  Their website kind of made it seem like a smaller version of Universal's Citywalk at Halloween--there are rides and walk-throughs and various other shenanigans that could either be terrible, or amazing, depending on the execution.

Luckily for us, it was amazing.

Immediately upon entering, I found my soul mate:

I saw him FIRST, Bookie!  GET Awaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I was already excited about this place...I love haunted houses and the like....  

...Keith, however, might have been less-than-enthused.

"Wish you were here."

He also didn't much care for the fact that just as we were entering the main part of the dungeon, they made him pose for this photo.

Say "Beheaded!"

Once we got him re-headed™...

It was time for the big tour which, unfortunately, didn't allow flash photography.  And since it was pretty dark in there, most of the photos look like this:

But the place was really fun.  It had a series of actors telling stories about things like medieval torture devices, Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper.

They also were keen on picking on audience members.  I got hauled up by a judge in a white powder wig for being an American.  "You, with the furniture on your face.  Get up here," he shouted.  As you can see, this was one of the few moments of happiness for Keith:

There were also a number of terrifying rides through the darkness, including one on a boat...

No dancing skeletons on the boat, please!

...and a shooting gallery ride that has you firing a weapon at the undead that are coming after you after a seance-gone-wrong.  This one was particularly terrifying, as it made you feel as though there were rats and things crawling under your feet and ass.   

Bookie and I loved it.  

And once again, Keith did not.  The further into the tour we got, the more the audience was getting harassed.   And so, when we wandered into one of the bigger rooms, Keith quietly announced: "I'm going to stay safe and stand right here in the middle."  Of course, he didn't even get the sentence out before the crazy host woman pointed directly at him and forced him to the stage.

This was the room where they show you what it's like to get burned at the stake.  Keith was being charged with "crimes against humanity (apparently, they've read the blog...) and since I knew that if he made it out alive, Keith was going to do much, much worse to us than anything we've seen on this horror tour.  And so we shouted:  "BURN HIM!"

Welcome to hell, Burke...

And so, Keith officially got EuroBlammed:

And we'll never see him again.



  1. LOL That looks awesome. I was going to go once but the queue was too long . Ditto Tower of London. Don't believe it when they say British people will queue patiently. I dont/wont which is why I hate Disneyland too (well one of the reasons)

  2. i'm sure it was all verynice...but GOD I HATE THIS PLACE!!!! NEVER FORGET KEITH. NEVER FORGET.