Friday, June 10, 2011


It may come as a huge surprise or not but we are having a rough morning, it is about noon and we are still not moving...

Bookie might still be drunk because all he wants to do is do the dishes...

Jeff is also still drunk and is currently sitting in the corner giggling to himself saying "I don't want to go to Stonehenge I want to go to Sconehenge!"

And I am not still drunk because I was drinking beer for most of the night unlike the 2 stooges who were drinking cocktails all night.

Unfortunately I have come down with a severe cause of Drinking Pneumonia (shut up, it's a thing! Google it! Except don't because it's not really a thing, what?)

The only positive is that even George ended up with a hangover, which made Jeff and Adam happy.

Thankfully Mother Nature is helping us out because it is pouring cauts and dougs, that is how they spell cats and dogs here, so we can't go to Stonehenge...

Even if we wanted to, which we don't, good night or good morning, ugh!

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