Sunday, June 5, 2011

Going To The Source Of Drunkeness In Dublin

There were quite a few things I was excited about for the Dublin portion of our trip.  One of which was a trip to the Guinness factory.  The tour actually takes place in the Guinness Storehouse, which is by the factory.  Because the process of making the beer is such a secret, there are no tours of the actual factory.

Once again we woke up late after a night of heavy drinking, which I think is a law in Dublin.  Jeff, Keith and I eventually headed down the road from our hotel for a traditional Irish breakfast, since the day was to include more drinking and doing so on an empty stomach would end up being nothing short of a disaster (more so than usual).  Our little hotel actually has their own Irish breakfast, but we've manageed to sleep past it every morning.

The place we went to was called the Mona Lisa.  Every morning while walking by it, there's been a guy standing outside with a sign promoting their breakfast, so we decided to check it out.

And ofcourse the place was supercrazy.  There were really weird quotes up all over the wall.

And Mona Lisa somehow managed to follow us from Paris so she could watch Keith.

The food there was so f'ing good!!! 

After breakfast, we met up with Conor O'Conor, his beautiful girlfriend Fiona and his awesome and also beautiful friend Jurgita.

 We made our way across town and down an alley over to the factory.

Ahhhh!!  Where is everyone??  I think we're lost...AGAIN!
We make our way inside and begin our journey.

 The tour pretty much explains the history of Guinness and the basics of how it's made and old marketing/advertising campaigns used.

The Guinness harp!
 But of course the best part was when you get to taste it!!

About half way through the tour is a small tasting room, where you can sample small glasses of Guinness.  YUM!  There's just something about how awesome it tastes right where it's made!

At the end of the tour, you can go up to the top floor is your chance to have a full pint of freshly made Guinness for free!

And see an incredible view of the city!

After we finished our pint (completely buzzed again at this point) we made our way back down the alley to the main road and were greeted by a friendly neighbor who looks like they keep watch over the alley while enjoying a pint of Guinness.

I will definitely miss Dublin.  It's an incredible and fun place with lots of great people!