Wednesday, June 8, 2011

London Calling...back

After a wee bit of a trouble this morning (courtesy of last night’s shenanigans)  we are now officially back in London for the final leg of our journey.   Of course, there’s every possibility that we will be too stupid to get ourselves home at the end of this mess.

Example:  We hopped a cab get away from the Pee Castle...

Now with Stink Lines!®

Once we got to the airport for our flight back to London, we handed the cabbie our cash and he just stared at us blankly.  I had assumed we had given him pounds instead of euros (or vice versa.  Whatever.)

But that wasn't it at all.  The cabbie told us we owed him eight more pounds.  (or Euros.  Seriously, Europe:  Get it together.)   Turns out we had paid him according to the number on the clock, rather than on the meter.  

I fear we drank the very last bit of our common sense away last night.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Ireland’s National Leprechaun Museum, who got a hold of our blog entry about our time there and sent us some love on their Facebook page.   Thanks, guys!  We heart you back!


  1. You paid the cabbie in Time? ohh dear that's very deep and confusing. I always wondered how you could spend time.

    Sorry I am not with you today. I have a very poorly leg :( Gutted. Fingers crossed I get to see you again in LA sometime. Miss you Love you Jeff :X... so sad :(

  2. This post PEESES me. or something.