Sunday, June 5, 2011


After wrapping up the Guiness tour, we met up with Fiona's sister Neva for a quick spot of tea.  

You know, because we're fancy.

I'm sure we're veryfancy

Or not.

Once we were full of hot liquid on top of the Guiness, we made our way through the streets of Dublin to find some food amid all the fun around...

Unfortunately, once we got to the restaurant, it was time to say goodbye to Conor, Fiona and Neva.

Although we've had a fabulous time in London, Brighton and Paris, Dublin is proving to be the most difficult to leave.  It was amazing to get a chance to catch up with the nicest person on the planet, Conor O'Conor, and to finally meet his incredible girlfriend Fiona, who both have made this leg of the trip extra special.

We seriously can't thank them enough for all they've done...

 ...especially Conor for picking us up at the airport and making sure we had a fucking great time!

And for introducing us to Fiona who was my partner in Jedwardian Crime here in Dublin, since Jon couldn't be here for the trip.


Once they headed off, we went out to dinner with the lovely Miss J, who tried to get us to go out one last time for "just one drink" before we leave this city.  

But we know exactly how that would end:  With us missing our 6AM (really??  6??) flight tomorrow.  

And so, one more sad goodbye later....

...we headed back to our room to pack up for the billionth time on this trip.

And as the sun sets on Dublin...

...we wish our friends here in this beautiful city well.  And don't worry: We'll be back.

Mainly because we still haven't found Jedward...


  1. Reading the blog now with a big sad now I know I wont be joining you when you return to London. Glad you enjoyed Dublin...

    Wahh :((