Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yes, We're Idiots

As Jeff pointed out yesterday, he and I were on an adventure to look for a jacket for our fancy dinner cruise while Keith took a nice and relaxing nap.

What was supposed to be a 15-20 minute search turned into one which lasted for hours.  As we kept walking looking for a store which had something we were interested in buying, we realized we were walking further and further away from the houtel.

So after our nice and fancy dinner cruise on the Thames, Jeff suggested we go out for "just one drink."  Well here's the thing about that.  There is no such thing as "just one drink."  As we were making our way to Soho to hit some bars, lead by Keith, Jeff and I realized we were passing the entire area we were walking around earlier in the day looking for stores. 

So yea, turns out when we were "lost" for hours, we were no more than 5 blocks away from the hotel.  In our defense, the streets of London are not an easy grid like most cities in the U.S. 

This goes to show whenever Jeff and I are together, it's always a mess. 

We really are American Idiots.


  1. To be fair, London is a bit of a confusing warren of streets. I think you're doing wonderfully well so far. There is no "u" in hotel.


  2. you guys need some maups.

  3. Anytime you say, "Well, here's the thing..." I know I am either going to be super pissed or a super mess. And with the drinking, here's to being messy.