Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brightening Up The Evening In Brighton

After taking a leisurely stroll along the pier and throughout Brighton, at this point we decided we were hungry once again.  This whole trip has been about food and alcohol.  Not that I'm complaining but I can already tell I'm going to need some serious detoxing after this trip is over.

We found this cool little seafood restaurant called English's of Brighton.  It was delicious.

Keith mentioned the chips of his fish and chips were authentic chips like the serve on the boardwalk there in Brighton. I wasn’t sure if that was an open invitation to take one or not, so I felt as though it was a perfect time to distract him and take one.

Look, I think I see B-rad.
With my meal came blood sausage. I figured being in England I might as well go ahead and try it, even though the idea of eating anything with the word “blood” in it grosses me out.

I obviously did NOT care for the blood sausage.

And it even gave me a bit of rage.

But Jeff did enjoy his pint of Guinness.

After a louvely dinner, minus the blood sausage, we headed to Charles Street, a local bar, to meet up with one of Keith’s old roommates Anna and another friend, Owen from when he studied abroad here. They were both totally fun and awesome!!!

She only looks innocent and is so much fun!!    

Owen was awesome!!
 After the past two nights in London staying out super late and waking up drunk, we needed a pretty low key, quiet night. But of course with drinks.

As an added bonus, there was a show scheduled for that night. Turns out the regular performer had “fallen ill” so Miss Jason was taking her place.

Well Miss Jason reminded me of an old Jewish woman with a British accent.

This is the closest we wanted to get without her seeing us.
As we sat there watching the show, Jeff and I kept look at each other while Keith cracked up. The problem was, neither me nor Jeff could understand a word she was saying. It was like listening to Charlie Brown’s teacher.

We were able to get every few words she said though, “blah blah blah fat” or “blah blah blah fags.”

Yea, no clue what she is saying or talking about.  Ahhh, smoke!
Before every singing performance, she had the chaps in the bar countdown. And for some reason I found it quite amusing to hear a countdown from five to one in British accents. Probably for the same reason I am still amused every time I log in to check my AOL e-mail through AOL UK, the voice of the British woman saying “You have e-mail.”

So for a majority of the show, Jeff and I were trying to amuse ourselves.  Right behind where we were sitting was the bar, which had lights that changed colors ever few seconds. 

Jeff was verynice to put together this Andy Warhol piece of artwork for me.  It took him hours to put it together.

We left the bar drunk (shocker, I know) and needed to eat, again.

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  1. WTH would you eat blood sausage? how primitive! ew
    Jeff couldn't look more like a saddo tourist if he tried.. a tankard for Guinness? LOL noob