Friday, May 27, 2011

The Road... so far...

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the Stabbey Road...Trip.   It's been quite a journey so far, considering we've only just started 5 seconds ago (give or take a few hours.)  

After spending most of the week assuming our entire trip would be canceled due to the giant Iceland Volcano spewing hate and rage our way, I finally accepted that the trip was, in fact, going to happen and began last-minute preparations. After a rough night panicking, screaming, crying and packing, followed by approximately two hours of sleep (It would have been four, if a certain lovely young lass didn't call from England to confirm a reservation at 2AM), Bookie and I were on the road to the airport on time.  (ish).

Once we boarded the plane, we were greeted with a refreshing 90 minute delay in getting off the ground in LA.  


It wasn't ash this time, but some thunderstorm activity.  But not in LA or Philly, where we are catching our connection to London--it was just...somewhere.  In our way.  For 90 minutes.

So yes, this is already turning into a Jizzaster of a trip... A trip in which Bookie and I could possibly miss our connecting flight and wind up in Philly (yo!) for the night. 

Cheesesteak, anyone?

Normally with these Road Trip Blogumentaries™, Jon does an introductory post, detailing how the Trip came to fruition and outlining the often-confusing and painful creative journey of how we name our blogs.   But sadly, he's not joining Keith, Bookie and I for this adventure.  So in honor of Jon (oops...I mean honour... we are going to Europe, after all...) I will tell you that this year's crop of rejected titles are probably the worst anyone's seen.

The leader for a while:

European Gaycation.  This one was thought up by B-rad and had some legs for a while, but ultimately was deemed too Gay & Outrageous.  Something we most certainly never are.  I personally wanted something more subtle; something classy that evoked the proper reverence and respect for the wonderful cultures we'll be visiting.

As you may or may not know, many successful US Television programs come from our friends across the pond.  Shows like All in the Family and Sanford & Son were all based on Britcoms.  As was the classic sitcom Three's Company, which, of course, was known over there as. . .

For some reason, this didn't sit well with the rest of my travel buddies either.  Rubes.  

Along the same theme, I spent a good deal of time trying to convince everyone that our trip should be called Carjouy... a tribute to 2005's outrageously successful Carjoy Road Trip.  But again, I was met with strong indifference.

And so the creative process went.  Each name getting worse . . .

.  . .and worse. . .

. . .and worse. . .

...until, eventually, sanity prevailed and we came up with the blog you see before you:  

And although Jon isn't technically on the trip, he's been trying to stab this trip out of us since the start.  And for that, he earns a spot in the graphic. 

So put on your protective gear...because it is finally time for the Stabbey Road Trip!

So, weather permitting, we'll be meeting Keith in London tomorrow!

Oops..I mean Loundoun!

(Thank heavens for British SpellCheck--it's wourking wounders!)



  2. I wish I knew what it means to RSS feed so I could subscribe to your new bloug! Cheers, innit?

  3. Now now Jeff. All this "U" stuff. I will have to beat you with birch twigs whilst reading Nancy Mitford aloud to you if you don't cut that out!

    We dont put u's into words.. its you people who forget to include them!... Hope to see you soon!