Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ride My Rickshaw

After we were all settled in our hotel rooum (everything in London has an extra u in it), which looked as though we've been living in there for years after about 5 minutes, and showered after the long journey here, it was now time to head out on the town in London and meet up with Keith's friends Alex and Ruth, who are from London, that he knows from going to school here for a year.

We took a quick ride in the tube (we carefully paid attention to 'Mind The Gap') and then proceeded towards the Soho area.  After walking around aimlessly figuring out which way the bar was, Jeff had the insight to ask one of the crazy rickshaw drivers where the street was we were looking for.  After looking at our map, he ofcourse said "I can give you a ride there."  Since it was only 3 pounds per person we figured we might as well, since somehow we still would have got lost making our way to the bar.

So the three of us squeezed, and I mean squeezed, into the tiny rickshaw and we were on our way.

Ahhhhhh....we can hardly fit!
There were more than a few times we thought we were going to perish along the way, as our verynice driver went between taxis and in front of a few buses.

I think my ass is falling out the side of the rickshaw.

We finally made it to the bar (we always like to arrive in style).  We thanked our nice driver for the ride, who at this point was entirely out of breath.  

No more fish and chips and pints for any of you!


  1. OMG You weren't even joking about the rickshaw. I had no idea such a thing existed in London.. Never seen one or heard of them. Maybe they whizz out of the alley when noob tourists are around or something. Seriously... weird What idiot would want to...? oh right...