Sunday, May 29, 2011

These BOOTS Aren't Made For Walkin'

A trip to London just isn't the same without a visit to Boots, which seems to be on just about every corner.  If you're not familiar with Boots (believe it or not there is no u in their name), it's the UK's version of CVS/pharmacy

There's this joke between me and my friends about how I seem to have a thing for pharmacies, especially CVS.  Growing up back east, CVS was always the main pharmacy and when I first moved to L.A., the main drug store was was Sav-on, which eventually was sold and to CVS (I don't blame you if you feel like you need a nap after reading all of that).  There was a joke someone made about a pharmacy and I said something to the effect, "Some of are very brand loyal to CVS."  So ofcourse then it became a bit.

Whether I do have a thing for pharmacies or not, I was very excited to check out Boots.  So Jeff and I took a walk over to the one right by our hotel so I could take a look (Keith wanted nothing to do with this...and honestly I don't blame him one bit).  The first thing I said when we walked in was, "It smells just like CVS." 

I then noticed the forms to get a Boots rewards card, so I took one.  The rest of the time in the store was just spent aimlessly wandering around, checking out the goods. 

I'm very brand loyal.
After about 5 minutes in there, I purchased what I needed, before we were booted out of the store.


  1. Boots has a very interesting history too. Check it out sometime ;)

  2. Just wait until you discover TESCO. You may poU yourself.