Saturday, May 28, 2011

F U....S Airways. A photo essay.

As Bookie noted in his post, we are F'd in the A.  Upon arriving late in Philly, Bookie and I were thrilled to discover that we had a full thirty minutes before boarding was to begin on our Big Flight to London!  Perfect amount of time to grab a quick bite and a delicious drink!

Except the kitchen was closed at the airport's Chickie's & Pete's.  You know, on account of our flight delay.  However, they did give us frosty beverages that we sucked down quickly in order to make our next leg.  After all, when a board says "On Time". . .

. . .why wouldn't the flight be, you know... ON TIME?  Hmm, USAIR?  HMMM???

As boarding was scheduled to begin, we waited.  And waited.  And sweated.  Because it is ten thousand degrees in this city, and about 30 times as hot in the airport.

Then the announcement came over the PA system: "We do apologize, but your flight is delayed due to 'mechanical trouble' until midnight."

F.  U.  

Want to know what the Philly airport looks like after 9PM on a Friday night?

It's a bummer.

Everything is closed...


Even the free magazine rack closes:

Have a copy of "NYO Magazine."

Well, everything except for McDonald's...

...and, for some reason...the shop that sells things like this:

You cannot eat a golden leopard that is mounting a branch.  Believe me, I tried.

And did I mention it's a thousand degrees in here?

Trapped flight attendants enjoy some McFlurry's to battle the heat.

Because it is a thousand degrees in here.

Welcome to Philly.  Drop dead.

Adding to our misery?  This song is blaring as we melt:

Because that's helpful.  If only someone could fix the A/C...

OOH!  There's hope!  Maybe when they're done fixing the A/C, they can fix the plane as well!!!!

Or maybe not.

Well, we'll be here in Philly.  Waiting for our flight to London.  And hopefully avoiding heat stroke.

Er....I mean...Heat STROUKE.  Sorry.


  1. Stoppit with the U thing seriously... Philly Airport sucks so hard that it blows.. mostly goats. I would rather nail my head to a child sex offender than have a repeat of the (six actually, I was exaggerating before) infinity hours I spent not enjoying Philly Airport back in 2008.
    I wonder how many Golden-Leopard-Mounting-A-Branch statuettes they actually sell. Who buys that stuff? Does it go in the hand luggage or in the hold? I want to know. You should have asked more questions!