Saturday, May 28, 2011

Does Your Ticket Say "Exit Row?"

So the roadtrip to Europe has begun!!!! I can't believe it's actually here!! And ofcourse, it has already started off with some craziness.

First, Jeff and I got to the airport at least 100 hours early. We checked in and made our way to the security line. While waiting in line, I looked at my ticket to Philly and saw it had "EXIT ROW" printed on it so I asked Jeff if his did too, since he is also sitting in the exit row. So he looks at his ticket and notices he only has his ticket from Philly to London and then begins a small panic that he doesn't have his ticket from LAX to Philly. I suggest we go back down and he tries to find it. He kept saying it never printed. HI, LIAR! He was a mess and I'm sure he forgot it in the machine. I of course had mine. Although I am known to be a mess while flying usually (my friend Scott in Philly says I like to "Lipschitz" as in Ethel Lipschitz, an old Jewish woman, which means inching my way to the front of the line to board even though they do it by zones and we have assigned seats). But this time I was cool, calm and collected, for a change.

So, he reprints his ticket and we make our way through security. Then we're immediately bored, as we wait for two hours to leave.

Cool, calm and collected. Let's goooooooo!

Finally it's time to board!! I do some "Lipschitzing" towards the front to board (even though I am zone 1 to board) and we get on the plane. And that is when the pilot says there is "weather" back east and we'll be delayed, sitting on the plane for 90 minutes.

Really with this delay?!?

And ofcourse there was a crazy woman next to me. Once we finally took off, she asked what that buzzing sound was. I proceeded to tell her it was the engines since we're sitting right next to the exit. She didn't care for my answer and responded with "it's annoying."

And now we're in Philly. We get off the plane and our gate to London is right across from our gate from LAX. I was very excited we had just enough time to have a quick Yuengling and crab fries at Chickie's and Pete's by our gate! We go in and the first thing they said to us was, "Our kitchen is closed." But at least they had Yuengling.

Now it's time to board and head to London. But wait, leave it to US Airways to have a problem with the plane and delay the flight by two hours. Plus, they turned the a/c off in the terminal and it's 100 degrees here. Gotta love PHL and US Airways! They never seem to disappoint!!

An empty PHL International Terminal since all flights have taken off, except ours.

But soon enough we will be off to London!!


  1. I spent 9 hours in Philly Airport once. I feel your pain