Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tube Boobs (You know, because we're boobs. On the tube.)

From the moment Bookie and I found our airport shuttle guy asleep at our pickup point in Los Angeles to the moment we set foot into our London hotel, a full 24 hours had elapsed.  Of course, most of that was spent waiting in various airports across the US...

...or in airspace above London....

...but once we finally touched down, everything immediately had a distinct British vibe...

Of course, within moments of landing, there may have been a small international incident.   As the woman was stamping my passport, I might have asked, "Are Jedward here?"

The woman actually stopped in her tracks and stared at me for a moment before saying, "Aren't they....Irish?"  

I would have snapped a photo of the look on her face, but she seemed as though she was trying to decide if I was a national threat.   I tried to diffuse the situation by smiling and saying, "I'm just kidding," but she just continued to judge me before saying, "They're quite mad."

You know, as in crazy.  Clearly, she was strongly intimating that I'm also some sort of insane person, but she was much too polite to come right out and say it.  "Right-o," I said as she allowed me to cross the border.

Once we finally got our luggage and met up with Keith (three hours later than scheduled...)

...we hopped the Tube to get to our hotel, minding the gap the entire way.  

Bookie and Keith minding their manners along with the gap...

I have special needs

While we were on the tube, they kept announcing that we were on the Piccadilly Line, which would eventually end up at a place called Cockfosters.

Cockfosters:  It's Australian for Couck...which is British for Cock™.  

Being incredibly mature, we certainly didn't giggle every time the announcement came.  At every.  single.  stop.   Luckily, there was a British girl next to us who also found it amusing.  "Pip, Pip, cheerio lads," she exclaimed!

Of course, I was pretty delirious by this point, so I may be misquoting her.  But that was her general vibe.  Eventually, we ended up in Philly...

Only Philly people will get this dirty Kenso joke.

...which didn't really make any sense, since it took us so freaking long to fly to England in the first place.

Please mind the logic.

(PS: I'm still verytired)


  1. You're totally lying about "pip pip cheerio" Nobody English has ever said that in the history of the universe. You will never become a real boy at this rate Pinocchio.

  2. PIP PIP and a half!!! I KNEW you would be in Soho, I just knew it. Go in the underwear stores. I know you'll find a story or two in one of those shops!! Please don't break London while you're there.

  3. By the way, "Me" is your good friend, Pip.

  4. Really with asking the passpourt stamping lady about Jedward? REALLY? You need to be more careful or else you'll get D-E, D-E, D-E-ported!

  5. JEDWARD is nice guys!! I do not understand people's reactions! Yes, they are very different and always fun, but they are young and it's wonderful! They have achieved a lot in life after going through the humiliation and not understanding! I respect and love them! Crazy those who do not understand youth! =)